What are Sport R1 Calipers?

The Sport R1 caliper was developed as a 54mm single piston aluminum caliper with a built in parking brake. Two different versions have been developed, one for cars and one for truck. The car version consists of a forged aluminum housing with stainless steel internals. With an improved design over the popular early GM rear caliper, the Sport R1 caliper uses the same brake pads, slider pins and bushings as this vehicle. These parts were also commonly used on the Monte Carlos & Malibu's of the early 80's. The Sport R1 is one of the largest and most reliable rear car caliper on the market today!

The truck version of the Sport R1 (TRK1) features a larger billet aluminum housing, stainless steel internals and uses brake pads, slider pins and bushings from the front caliper of a 95-98 GM 1/2 ton truck. Current applications for this caliper are the 88-99 1/2 ton GM truck and SUV. A must have for better braking and elimination of that factory "spongy pedal" feel.