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SSBC Rear Disc Upgrade

Magazine: Four Wheeler (November 2004)
SSBC product: Standard rear disc brake conversion kit

Dump the Drums.
If you're like us, your rig is older, and this means it probably sports rear drum brakes. Sure, they work OK, but the reality is that they suffer from some inherent flaws. Most notably, they're heavy, they retain heat and they lose some stopping ability when they get wet. This is why modern disc brakes are so desirable. They're lighter than a comparable drum brake, they dissipate heat far better and they retain their effectiveness even when wet... Enter Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation, which makes rear disc-brake upgrade kits for a number of trucks and SUVs. In most cases these kits are designed to simply bolt in place of the stock drums. The company also makes brake kits that allow you to fit larger disc brakes under your disc-brake-equipped vehicle... We completed this driveway install in about four hours. After the pads and rotors broke in and we coaxed the last of the air from the brake lines, we're pleased to report that braking has improved ... click here for the rest of the article