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V-8 Calipers Install - Getting Your Big Brake

Magazine: Ford Truck Performance (June 2006)
SSBC product: Quick Change kit A193-1

Installing Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation's Quick Change Force 10 V-8 calipers.
Like their automobile brethren, truckers seek horsepower, and thanks to the aftermarket, it is easy to find computer tuners, power adders, exhaust systems, and even chassis and suspension kits to boost performance. Power seems to be the mainstay of the market, especially with diesel engines, but there are other important parts to consider--such as braking... Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation has addressed this important issue with the introduction of its Quick Change Force 10 V-8 brake calipers, designed to improve braking by simply bolting in place of existing calipers on any '99-'04 F-250 or F-350 (2WD or 4WD) Super Duty trucks... Our 7.3 diesel got us going in prime fashion, and we're glad to say the SSBC brakes performed better than we expected, even with the trailer hooked up. We found less pedal effort was needed to stop, and we were able to reduce the gain on the trailer brakes ... click here for the rest of the article