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Magazine: Diesel World (November 2006)
SSBC product: Quick Change kit A187-4

Installing a Set of Stainless Steel Brakes on a Duramax Diesel
It's one of those things that gets easily overlooked; you get some 37-inch tall tires wrapping some 22s, bolt them up to your super heavy Duramax with the Allison tranny, and next thing you know you're sliding through an intersection. The problem? Stock brakes... SSBC has an easy fix to this problem. They have a kit out now for the '99-2006 Chevy Duramax that upgrades the size of your rotors and calipers, while still using the factory spindles and hardware. The front calipers are a quick-change style, and made out of aluminum. The calipers are the Short Stop slotted rotor upgrade kit, and both of these can be used with factory rims and tires ... click here for the rest of the article