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Magazine: Petersen's 4 Wheel & Off-Road (July 2005)
SSBC product: Rear drum to disc brake conversion kit A118

Adding rear disc brakes for positive negative acceleration
One of the most mundane, yet important, areas of safety is the brakes. If you’re now running around on tires as tall as some cars, the trickle-down effect takes over. The big tires are probably double (or more!) the weight of the originals. Stronger axles to handle those big tires also add weight. The suspension lift to fit those tires affects weight transfer by raising the truck’s center of gravity. And then there’s the performance hit created by the added leverage of tall tires. Factory brakes get overwhelmed. The drum brakes used on many OEM vehicles are simple and satisfactory for stock trucks, but if you’re building a high-performance 4x4, then don’t forget high-performance brakes. Stainless Steel Brake Corporation (SSBC) has all sorts of rear disc-brake conversion kits to fit virtually any 4x4’s rear axle. We ordered one for a 9-inch Ford truck axle (PN A118), but many of these steps are similar to other SSBC kits ... click here for the rest of the article