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Magazine: Super Chevy (September 2005)
SSBC product: Front Quick Change Aluminum Caliper Upgrade kit #A186-1

With Stainless Steel Brakes' Bolt-On Upgrade Kit
One of the great things about owning Chevrolet cars and trucks is that they last forever--you just can't kill 'em. This is especially good for all us gearheads out there. We most likely have a few projects goin' on at all times, which means our attention and spending can get spread a little thin between them. The low machine on the totem pole is usually the ever faithful and often neglected daily driver. And let's face it, when we get home and want to work on something fun, that machine is not on the top of the list... Luckily for me, Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation has just introduced the perfect solution: their Quick Change Aluminum Caliper Upgrade Kit and Short Stop Slotted Rotors. The bolt-on replacement Force 10 Calipers feature two 54mm stainless steel pistons and high-performance pads. The new calipers are made of lightweight aircraft aluminum and are about half the weight of the stock calipers, which reduces unsprung weight. Having a two-piston caliper provides more constant pressure on the brake pad, in turn reducing pad deflection and increasing clamping pressure on the rotor. All of this leads to reducing the stopping distance... Before the install, I went out to California Speedway to test the stock brakes and came up with a best 60-0-mph stopping distance of 185.66 feet. With Stainless Steel's Quick Change Kit we ended up with 172.66 feet--exactly 13 feet shorter. That's about a whole car length! That could be the difference of life or death, or at least being able to walk away from an accident ... click here for the rest of the article