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Big Rig Wheels and Big Brake Kits

Magazine: Diesel Builder (June 2008)
SSBC product: Front Quick Change kit A193-1 and Big Bite cross drilled rotors

Making the Right Choice for Your Diesel Dualie Has Never Been Easier
Have you noticed HOW many feature trucks you see here and on the road today are running huge 10-lug wheels with monster-sized brake calipers and drilled or slotted rotors tucked neatly inside them? Not very long ago if you wanted such a setup—the swap to 10-lug wheels—it required that you have a custom set of one-off wheel adapters machined, then you had to locate the right set of attractive semi-truck wheels. If you then wanted to upgrade the braking capability of your rig, you were pretty much on your own as well. Times have changed my friends, and for the better we might add, as companies like American Force Wheels and Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation have now made this once one-off chore a relatively easy upgrade for big diesel trucks. We’ve been thinking about giving our 2WD ’00 Ford F-350 dualie just such an upgrade, so that we too could experience the benefits of these “big truck” mods... The brake wizards over at Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC) have released a massive front brake caliper designed for the rigorous demands of diesel trucks. The new caliper is the SSBC Force 10 V8 and as the name implies, it is an eight-piston braking machine. Seeing these calipers in person is awe-inspiring, and we can’t wait to bolt them onto our Ford. It is easy to see that these monster-sized calipers are not simple eye candy; they are serious binders with very serious stopping power. In addition to the new SSBC Force 10 V8 front calipers, we also plan to install new SSBC Big Bite brake rotors on both the front and rear of the truck. The front rotors are huge and make up the complete hub assembly including the anti-lock braking ring and bearing races. Each front rotor is cast from high-quality materials and machined to exact tolerances ... click here for the rest of the article