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Magazine: Super Chevy (October 2002)
SSBC product: Front Force 10 Extreme 4-piston kit A126-23 and rear drum to disc brake conversion kit A126-2

Four-wheel disc brakes will help your hauler stop on a dime.
Even though they are sometimes overlooked as performance vehicles, Chevy's ultra-popular half-ton trucks are just as sought after as early musclecars. Whether it's late-'60s or early-'90s iron, they're all being built to perform. This familiar donor truck is no different. It is an '89 Chevy half-ton, which has received lots of goodies over the years. Some of those go-fast parts include the installation of a tuned-port small-block. As if that wasn't enough, the tuned-port engine was equipped with a Vortech supercharger, which we showed going on in these pages a few years ago... The brake system that was chosen for this install is the latest high-tech offering from Stainless Steel Brake Corp. (SBBC). (We weren't able to throw a computer on it for this story, but according to the truck's owner, it stops in half the distance of the stock binders.)