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Magazine: Truck Builder (January 2008)
SSBC product: Front Force 10 disc brake kit A126-32

Installing an SSBC Power Disce Brake System With a Dropped Front Spindle on a '68 Chevy Pickup
When you purchase an older classic truck or any well-used pickup for that matter, one of the most important considerations before driving the vehicle is to make certain that the brake system is up to par before hopping behind the wheel. Old brake systems tend to leak down, fluid turns to a nasty residue and wheel cylinders leak, causing grabbing and uneven application of power... After purchasing this solid-running ’68 Chevrolet short bed pickup, we trailored it home. We intended to give it a quick tune-up, a thorough going over and taking off. Much to our surprise, the truck did start right up and it runs great, but after checking the brakes, we soon learned that the four-wheel manual drum brakes were in terrible condition, making for a downright scary ride... The SSBC kit (PN A126-32) is a complete bolt on. It’s a disc brake conversion kit that includes everything needed to complete the installation. This includes a 9-inch booster and master cylinder, 2-inch-dropped spindles, single piston calipers with SSBC brake pads, 11.85-inch zinc-plated and slotted performance rotors, new outer tie rods, upper and lower ball joints, and all of the needed hardware for a complete hassle-free install ... click here for the rest of the article