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Magazine: Truck Builder (February 2004)
SSBC product: FX4 front disc brake kit A126-29 on a GMC Sierra

Network Alignment Installs SSBC Brakes
To improve upon an OE brake system—especially one meant for the masses—is not really difficult, as it is the size of components that are selected by the factory that makes the production vehicle... well, a production vehicle. SSBC realized this and increased the size of the brake rotors to a large 14-inch diameter, as well as slotted them to help cool the system and sweep away debris. It also engineered the Force 10 Extreme system to utilize a large four-piston fixed caliper. A major factor in brake performance is the total surface area of the caliper piston(s); a large four-piston caliper can provide nearly 70-percent more braking force than a large one-piston caliper. The SSBC kits are also designed to look as good as they perform, with available powder-coated calipers and Xtra Life-plated rotors to prevent corrosion and rust. The SSBC Force 10 Extreme kit includes everything needed to convert the front brakes over to the 14-inch rotors and four-piston calipers ... click here for the rest of the article