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The Three-Piston Halt

Magazine: Super Chevy's Camaro Performers Summer 2004 (September 2004)
SSBC product: Force 10 Tri-Power 3-piston aluminum caliper kit A123-16

Tri-Power Stopping For Fourth-Gen Camaros
While late-model Camaros may not posses the raw power of a big-block Chevelle or the high-revving twist of the 302-inch '69 Camaro they are well known for their awesome stopping power. Our Road Rage testing provided us with 60-0 mph numbers consistently at 132 feet, a very impressive number for a stock vehicle. After all, four-wheel discs, ABS and a set of 275mm tires make all the difference in the world. After looking at the import market and a few of our competitors' vehicles we determined that squeezing a few more feet out of our '02 Z28 was a must, but not at the cost of pedal comfort or extreme financial cost. Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation offers a "quick change" caliper and rotor upgrade for the C5 and Gen IV Camaro. The Tri-Power (we love the name) kit provides new calipers, rotors, flex lines, pads and all the hardware necessary to make the switch. The beauty of the kit is the use of the OE cradles, master cylinder and power booster. It was our observation that the kit really was a quick change over, taking all of 90 minutes wheel to wheel. 60-0 mph braking was 132ft with stock brakes; it was 118ft with the Tri-Power calipers, a 10% - or about 1 car length - improvement.