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Magazine: Popular Hot Rodding (February 2005)
SSBC product: Force 10 Tri-Power 3-piston aluminum caliper kit A123-15

Improve the looks and performance of your street-driven F-body with a Tri-Power Force 10 brake kit from Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation
When the fourth-generation Camaro and Firebird were introduced in 1993, it was heralded as the best F-body yet. With 27 hp on tap, a 6-speed manual transmission, fighter-jet styling, razor-sharp rack and pinion steering, true double A-arm suspension up front and standard 16-inch alloy wheels wrapped with Goodyear's best Gatorbacks, you could really haul the mail... But there was trouble in paradise. V8-powered F-bodies had marginal 10.9-inch diameter rotors up front, and they were clamped by over-worked single-piston calipers made of cast iron... you could find yourself in trouble really quick if you had to slow down in a hurry from a buck twenty... Meanwhile, we had been watching the folks from Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation with interest. They had just released their new line of Tri-Power Force 10 calipers for the C5 Corvette, and we knew from experience that C5 brake parts adapted very well to fourth-gen F-bodies... the best part of the system is the new three-piston Tri-Power caliper. Three pistons do a much better job than one piston for one simple reason: clamping force is evenly distributed across the pad surface, and that makes a given pad area more effective. The caliper itself is made of aircraft-quality billet aluminum for weight reduction and strength, but each of the three 38mm pistons is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This minimizes heat transfer from the pad to the fluid resulting in zero brake fade ... Click here for the rest of the article