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Go Fast, Stop Quick

Magazine: Mustang Enthusiast (January 2008)
SSBC product: Big Brake front kit A112-5 and standard rear kit A112-1

For many Fox-body owners, straight-line performance is the name of the game. Pumping one of these classic bodies to haul down the quarter is relatively easy with all the aftermarket support these cars enjoy. They even handle decent out of the box. The important question comes at the long end of the track. It’s a short track and there isn’t much room for slowing down. The stock brakes are just not quite enough to slow down an 11-second Pony. Don’t find out the hard way... For our race-oriented ’92 Mustang, we wanted a lightweight system that required a minimal amount of modifications and would work with stock wheels. The solution was easy - Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation... The Mustang was tested before and after, using a Vericom VC3000 data-logging performance meter. This extremely accurate computer measures speed, braking time, braking distance and g-forces. The results were impressive... In the 0-30-0 testing, the stock Mustang took 2.82 seconds to stop at 63.35 feet, at an average speed of 31.43 mph. With the new brakes, the car only required 1.98 seconds to stop within 46.36 feet, at an average speed of 31.53 mph. This is a difference of nearly 20 feet and one second, more than enough to make a difference. The 0-60-0 testing results were similar, with the stock car stopping in 6.37 seconds and 286.51 feet while the modified Mustang stopped in 5.85 seconds at 197.65 feet. That is almost 100 feet shorter than the stock Mustang, which is substantial in the world of fast braking ... Click here for the rest of the article