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Magazine: www.truckblog.com (August 2006)
SSBC product: Quick Change Aluminum Caliper Upgrade Kit A193-1

When it's time get serious about stopping, Stainless Steel Brake Corporation's (SSBC) Force 10 V8 front Quick Change aluminum caliper upgrade kit is definitely the way to go. The kit comes with the front brakes with custom machined 8-piston calipers, brake pads, and all the necessary hardware. The calipers come pre-loaded, and with the brake pads already installed. So all you have to do bolt them on to your Super Duty, bleed them, and away you go! SSBC did their homework when they designed the Force 10 V8 calipers. They are designed to bring a lot of truck to a halt without any distress... What's the conclusion? The calipers ROCK. Braking distance has decreased dramatically. Pedal feel and modulation has increased. Now you can actually feel when the brakes are about to lock up. Wait, did I mention locking up the brakes? Yep, that was nearly impossible to do with the stock calipers. You really didn't need ABS, as the stock calipers could not lock up the brakes when used in conjunction with the 40 inch tires! Now, the truck is within it's capabilities to stop, and once again, you can feel the ABS system work flawlessly with SSBC's Force 10 V8 calipers. All said and done, it took longer for me to remove and install the tires than actually changing out the calipers! This setup is definitely recommended for those who need super stopping power for their Super Duty ... click here for the rest of the article