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More Fun with Your ZR-1

Magazine: Chevy Rumble (April 2007)
SSBC Product: Front Force 10 disc brake kit A113-12

Installing SSBC’s Tri-Power Front Brake Upgrade.
Now more than 15 years after its introduction, the ZR-1 is still an incredible car, but it no longer ranks with the world’s best sports cars. Sure, its 400hp LT5 engine still packs an awesome punch, but compared to the new Z06 and other similar cars, the ZR-1 doesn’t have nearly enough braking power to match its top-end performance potential. That’s a deficiency that could leave you in a situation with no good alternatives. Fortunately, if you think ahead, there are alternatives. The best one is to install a new brake package in your Vette, and one of the companies that can help you with just such a task is Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC). SSBC’s kit for the ZR-1 (and other C4 models) will replace your twin-piston PBR calipers with SSBC’s three-piston, Tri-Power calipers and larger 13-inch slotted rotors. The kit also includes braided stainless brake hoses and all of the hardware necessary for installation ... Click here for the rest of the article