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Jake Brake

Magazine: Chevy High Performance (December 2005)
SSBC product: Front kit A126-37 and rear kit A126-38

More Braking Torque & 14-inch Discs For The Silverado
You open it up, so you better be able to lay it down with a force commensurate to the power. You're looking for a balance between that power, the way it translates to the road, and how it can be controlled. For two months we've been fortifying the suspension and upping the adhesion rate of the tires. This time we'll be increasing the brake-swept area as well as the amount of pressure applied to it... These big brakes bite badass. Before the swap, it was like you knew that they were working but taking their own sweet time. Now, the brakes feel like grappling hooks grown in cement ... click here for the rest of the article