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Stopping Power

Magazine: 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility (January 2001)
SSBC product: Front and rear disc brake kits

Stainless Steel's Go on Our Rock Wrangler.
In the last two issues (Sep. and Nov. 2000) of our Rock Wrangler series, we've covered the addition of a V-8 Chevy for more power, lower gearing for a better crawl ratio, suspension, and larger tires for better trailability. Now it's time to make sure this YJ can stop. Sure, stock brakes are fine with stock tires and gearing on a moderate trail, but add the torque of a V-8, the low gearing of an Atlas T-case, and 35-inch tires, and they leave a lot to be desired, especially on extreme trails. A true rock rig will be used in places where the brakes must work or you'd better go home. The danger of sliding off a rock is very real, and bad brakes can be downright frightening. The trouble is that Jeep didn't offer bigger brakes for the Wrangler. Not to worry, Stainless Steel Brakes is there to save the day ... click here for the rest of the article