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Whoa to Go

Magazine: 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords (January 2005)
SSBC Product: Front Force 10 kit A112-9 and standard rear kit A112-4

Our little LX coupe takes a giant leap forward in the braking and looks department.
Ask anyone about Fox Mustang brakes and there will be some hesitation about their functionality. Some say they're merely adequate; others say they're downright dangerous. Obviously, apart from the SVOs or '93 Cobras, Fox Mustangs aren't known for their braking prowess. In past years, the aftermarket, in addition to other Ford products, has contributed to making sure Fox Mustang owners are able to bring the whoa after the go. Lincolns, SVO Mustangs, and even Ranger trucks have helped the Fox Mustang cause. But with our former four-cylinder coupe, we chose to forego the salvage yard and get our brake parts from Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. for a complete front and rear brake package. We also had to source several other companies to make everything come together, so watch for them as well for ideas to make your Fox Mustang brake with the best of them ... Click here for the rest of the article