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Four No More

Magazine: 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords (October 2007)
SSBC Product: Front and rear 4-to-5 lug disc brake conversion kit

A Five-lug upgrade made simple with all-inclusive swap gear from SSBC
Be it through hearsay or firsthand experience, most Fox Mustang owners are all too familiar with the fact that there's a limited assortment of stylish aftermarket wheels available for four-lug '79-'93 'Stangs... It's important to keep in mind that the switch to five lugs wasn't necessarily done for appearance purposes. Improving a 'Stang's stopping ability is always good: It didn't take 'Stangbangers long to realize the best way to have looks and functionality with a five-lug swap on a Fox is to ditch the drum brakes in the rear and set up a true four-wheel, disc-brake system... They had the car back on all fours-well, all fives-in about four hours. Getting a 'Stang safely elevated high enough is key. Once that's accomplished, you'll find SSBC stocked its kit with all the goods necessary to make the transformation easy ... Click here for the rest of the article