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Magazine: Vette (October 2001)
SSBC product: Force 10 front kit A109AF and Force 10 rear kit A109AR

Upgrading '65-82 Brakes with SSBC's new Force 10 System.
Compared to C4s--and in ensuing years C5s, newer F-Bodies, and others--the '65-82 factory brakes don't offer a particularly reassuring or confidence-inspiring feel (spongy is a common description for the pedal feel of these cars) when you need 'em the most... What has really surprised Team VETTE is that, until recently, no one (we're talking about manufacturers, not individuals) has come up with a new brake system for these Corvettes... Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation took the gamble, and we've got a feeling that the "Force 10 Extreme Duty" brake system is going to be extremely popular. Force 10 is a brake system upgrade that addresses the various deficiencies of the original brakes, and is engineered as a straight bolt-on... Before we even considered beginning the swap, we "baselined" the original-style brakes with a series of 60-0 stops, measured with a G-Tech Pro accelerometer. The best stop we recorded was 170 feet; our best-of-three average was 171.5 feet... [After installing the SSBC Force 10 kit] Our three-run average was 143 feet, which lopped a good 27.5 feet off the old system's numbers. Incredibly, the new brakes actually got better as they heated up and Loy got the feel of them. Our last run, the last of five, and despite some minor locking-up, netted an outstanding 128 feet--42 feet better than the OEM system's best (which is, by the way, a 24.7 percent improvement.