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Magazine: Super Chevy (September 2007)
SSBC product: Front Force 10 Tri-Power kit A148-34; rear Force 10 kit A111-30

Project American Heroes gets some big-time stopping power
Having the privilege of participating in the Project American Heroes buildup of the Cars Inc./Roadster Shop 1957 Chevy convertible, our military personnel are more and more in our thoughts and prayers... Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation is up to providing the equipment needed to not have to "think" about braking during road trips in the '57 Chevy ragtop. In business for over 30 years, SSBC has worked hard to provide the ultimate braking systems for all late-model performance cars, musclecars, street rods, trucks, SUVs, and sport compacts... The SSBC four-wheel disc-brake kit called into duty for Project American Heroes matches 13-inch front-vented rotors with 12-inch rears ... Click here for the rest of the article