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SSBC brake article magazine cover

Magazine: Mustang & Fords (June 2001)
SSBC product: Power drum to disc brake conversion kit A120-5

Stainless Steel Brakes Introduces Better Binders For Six-Cylinder Fords and Mercs.
When you hop up a little Ford six, thoughts are eventually bound to turn to how to stop the darned thing when the fun's over. Jump on the binders in a Ford six-cylinder compact and you're going to learn something about control or the absence of it. With those tiny manual drum brakes, your Falcon, Comet, or Mustang is going to pull like crazy until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. No matter what you do with those pancake binders, they're still going to pull to one side, making for a dangerous driving experience. Stainless Steel Brakes understands what it means to be driving an unsafe classic automobile and the frustration of being able to do little about it. This is why they're introducing power front disc brakes for six-cylinder Ford and Mercury compacts. We like this easy-to-install conversion kit from Stainless Steel Brakes.