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Magazine: Fastest Street Car (January 2004)
SSBC product: Front Force 10 2-Piston Aluminum Caliper kit A123-1A

Stainless Steel Brakes delivers with an awesome mid-year Nova brake kit.
For those looking for the ultimate heart-pounding enjoyment, strap yourself into an early or mid-year Nova and try stopping the car at 60 miles-per-hour. Your knuckles will be sore from holding the steering wheel tight, and your right foot will be mashed into the floorboard. These factory drum/drum brake set-ups were barely adequate even by 1967 standards and have no place in today’s four-wheel disc ABS environment. So out with the old and in with the new! After giving up my panic stopping, thrill-seeking adventures cold turkey and focusing on the golden rule of "safety first," I traded in this archaic form of "stopping" for a more reasonable approach. There are many aftermarket providers of front and rear disc setup for early and mid-year Novas, but we wanted a true bolt-on application that would not require special machining, could be installed by a weekend enthusiast, and would look awesome. Stainless Steel Brakes set us up with the latest in stopping power for early- and mid-year Novas... We performed four 60-to-0 tests and could not believe the results! Not only did the brakes stop on a dime, but you could feel how much more control you have over the car in a panic stop situation. We did not experience premature rear or front wheel-lock up at all. Our average stopping distance was 107 feet, with the rest of the distances were in the 100 to 121 foot range (compared to the 147-170 foot range with the stock drums). No doubt we had improved stopping power in a big way! ... Click here for the rest of the article