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2004 PPG Street Rodder Road Tour Part 1

Magazine: Street Rodder (June 2004)
SSBC product: Force 10 Elite front and rear disc brake kits

A dream Deuce that's high-tech in power and low-down in stance!
It may not be a "breakthrough" in street rodding to build a lowered Deuce highboy with a powerful engine, but if you stick with us for a bit, you'll see that there are indeed some new twists involved in this year's Road Tour car. There have been other '32 highboys carrying the PPG/STREET RODDER Road Tour banner in the past, but when's the last time you complained to Playboy that they've featured too many shapely blondes? That's the icon status of a '32 Ford roadster, and people who own and drive them feel like all the rest of the street rodding world wants one too... Supplying the whoa to match this car's go will be no small task, but we've got proven four-wheel discs from Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation to do the job ... Click here for the rest of the article