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SSBC brake article magazine cover

Magazine: Mustang & Fords (February 2004)
SSBC product: Standard rear drum to disc brake conversion kit

Currie and Stainless Steel Brakes team up to give a Mustang some go and whoa.
Ford's 9-inch is arguably the stoutest passenger car differential on the planet. Built of sturdy stuff from the factory, it was the driving force for everything meaty at Ford--from the Galaxies with the 427s to the present NASCAR Taurus. Those two alone are enough to get our vote of confidence for the Ford nine. Of course, the best can always be made better, and our experience with 9-inch diffs has almost always lead us to Currie Enterprises of Anaheim, California. Currie offers the Ford nine in almost any configuration imaginable. We chose a standard case packed with 3.50 rear gears, torque-sensing, limited-slip differential, and the standard 3-inch-diameter tube with street-rod, smooth center-section cover. We deleted the included drum brakes, so we could use the four-wheel disc brake kit from Stainless Steel brakes.