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2004 PPG Street Rodder Road Tour: Part 2

Magazine: Street Rodder (July 2004)
SSBC product: Force 10 Elite front and rear disc brake kits

If striking flint on steel makes sparks, what happens when you put steel on steel? In the case of the Road Tour roadster, we've got a Deuce Steel chassis from Hot Rods & Custom Stuff (HR&CS) and now we're adding the "Body of Steel" from Brookville Roadsters! These two companies are justifiably proud of their products, which go together very nicely for our '32 Ford highboy roadster project. The polished engine, Wheel Vintiques wheels, and searing yellow PPG paint may sparkle, but the only "sparks" from this car will be in the enthusiasm it generates as it tours the country ... Click here for the rest of the article