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Magazine: Corvette Fever (November 2001)
SSBC product: Standard front disc brake conversion kit A137-3

A '63-'64 Brake Upgrade that Benefits Generations to Come
Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation has looked back--back to the cars that should have utilized disc brakes. When engineering a kit to replace the drum brakes on the '63-'64 Corvettes, Stainless Steel Brakes included technology that not only exceeded the drums of the earlier cars but also contained benefits over using the factory disc setups that were such an improvement back in 1965. Its new Force 10 aluminum calipers are lighter, removing 16 pounds of unsprung weight from your Corvette's front suspension. Also, the Turbo slotted rotors have CNC-machined groove patterns for improved wet braking, reduced brake fade, and improved pad cleaning. These attributes are beneficial for any brake setup from '63 to '82, and light-years ahead of drum brakes. Follow along as we bring this '64 Corvette's front drum brakes into the next century ... Click here for the rest of the article