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Magazine: Corvette Fever (March 2004)
SSBC product: Force 10 front kit A109AF and Force 10 rear kit A109AR

Brake upgrades for '68-'82 Corvettes.
How do you improve on perfection? Like most things, there is always room for improvement, and Corvettes are no exception. For Corvette fans, there are some things C4s and C5s can do much better than sharks ('68-'82). Luckily, the folks at Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation have a solution for the braking blues... After giving our system a thorough shakedown (checking all connections for leaks, and doing some slow driving and stopping to ensure everything was safe and functioning properly), we decided to let it all hang out. In 60-0-mph braking tests, we shaved 22 feet off our original stopping distance of 149 feet with the stock system--a 14.7 percent improvement. We are extremely happy with the SSBC Force 10 kit. SSBC utilizes CNC equipment for pinpoint accuracy, and the quality is much better than the 20-year-old stock pieces ... Click here for the rest of the article