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Magazine: Corvette Fever (April 2006)
SSBC product: Front kit A109AF and rear kit A109AR

Upgrading the disc brakes on a 68-82 C3 Corvette
We waited until the last minute to decide which brake calipers to install on Project Shark Attack (PSA) and are now glad of it. Once we had an idea what funds could be allocated to the project, it made sense to install the new Stainless Steel Brake Corporation (SSBC) Force 10 Extreme four-piston aluminum calipers. The new (and we emphasize new) forged aluminum, lightweight calipers are the first major advancement in '65-'82 Corvette calipers since these cars were built. The calipers are a fixed-position-type, but the sealing rings ride on the stainless steel caliper pistons instead of the caliper housing bore. This means if there is a caliper piston seal problem down the road, they can be replaced without messing with the housing, unlike the originals... After putting 8,000-plus miles on Project Shark Attack, we would definitely recommend the SSBC calipers and rotors package. They deliver sure, even braking under all road conditions. Over this same time period, there has been no squealing from the disc pads ... Click here for the rest of the article