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A Better Brake Swap

Magazine: Street Rod Builder (August 2004)
SSBC product: Front Quick Change kit A181 with new rotors and rear Force 10 Single-Piston kit A110-11

Installing Better-Looking Brakes, Four-Wheel Discs and a Parking Brake
When any street rod is built, the obvious car an owner wants is one that looks cool, runs strong and has a comfortable interior. And, considering the way cars are built today, you should throw into this equation a car that is both safe and reliable. When you do, that will naturally translate to a rod with top-of-the-line suspension components and exceptional brakes. You will agree, we think, that bringing a street rod down from speed to a shuddering stop is more important than how fast it is. If you cannot stop a street rod in time, all the thought, effort and money spent on that car could be destroyed in an instant—and worse... The owner of this street rod wanted to improve upon the standard brakes that were equipped on the car, and he read about the new four-wheel disc-brake kit offered by Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC). This particular system is designed for a Ford 9-inch differential at the rear and a Mustang II-style front suspension system... If you are still running around on brakes that have been on your car for the past few decades, you may want to begin investigating all the wonderful new options available for your vehicle. We offer this simple, straightforward brake swap to show you just how easy this well-styled and well-engineered disc-brake kit is to install. Not every system may be the same—that will depend upon the kit itself and your car—but we found the best part of this cost-effective system is that you can upgrade your rod without breaking the bank, and you can do it all yourself, at home ... Click here for the rest of the article