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Bolt-On Brakes

Article: Bolt-On Brakes
Magazine: Mopar Muscle (October 2002)
SSBC product: Standard front kit A153 & standard rear kit A155

Upgrading to four-wheel discs with Stainless Steel Brakes' bolt-on kit
We found that Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC) offers bolt-in conversion kits to upgrade drum brakes to discs at either end. The promise of improved braking captivated our interest. We like the idea of retaining our original front spindles for an easy installation, as well as the double-drilled wheel bolt pattern, which would allow an upgrade from the Duster's small bolt pattern... With four wheel discs, the stops became controlled and predictable. Unlike single-purpose lightweight drag brakes, off the strip, the SSBC kit has the capacity and durability to deliver the goods under "performance street" duty. This was definitely the hope for our dual-purpose Duster.