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SSBC brake article magazine cover

Magazine: Legendary Ford Magazine (May 2004)
SSBC product: Standard front drum to disc brake conversion kit A120D

Old Glory gets some big time stopping power with a set of front disc brakes.
Stopping power is one of those “taken for granted” deals. It’s just assumed that when you mash that brake pedal, your 3300 lb (or greater) car is going to hunker down and come to an effortless halt. You know your car (hopefully). You know how fast it is, and the kinds of distances you need to slow that bad boy down. Let’s face it, it doesn’t take a genius to know that a four-and-a quarter horse R-code Fairlane with 4-wheel drums can’t haul it down as fast as say, a new SVT Cobra. Brakes are one of those things that hey, if they work, they work. We’re here to show you that with a little time and effort, they can work a whole heck of a lot better. Let’s get one thing straight right away. Stainless Steel Brakes’ kit is for cars with 5-lug wheels (read: V8 power). It’s a great, high-end kit, and everything during this phase of our project went very smoothly. Brake assembly is straightforward, as we expected it would be. Trust us, this won’t tax your mechanical IQ ... Click here for the rest of the article