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Magazine: Chevy Rumble (January 2002)
SSBC product: Standard 2" drop spindle disc brake conversion kit A140

With One Simple Installation, This Tri-Year Chevy Sits Lower and Stops Better
If you plan to fix up a tri-year Chevy, it’s advisable to upgrade the car’s brakes so it will stop as well as the best performance cars on the road. Several manufacturers make bolt-on kits for tri-year Chevys, and one of the finest and most complete kits comes from Stainless Steel Brakes. It offers a complete bolt-on kit that includes GM rotors, GM calipers, hoses, master cylinder with vacuum booster and your choice of stock or dropped spindles. Since the ’55 Chevy hardtop we are working on is going to be a mild street machine, we decided to install the dropped spindles along with a set of new, 2-inch dropped springs from Eaton Detroit Springs. Together with the dropped spindles, the Chevy should sit approximately 4 inches lower than stock ... Click here for the rest of the article