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Stopping The Titanic

Magazine: Mopar Muscle (May 2006)
SSBC product: Rear disc brake conversion kit A155

Getting your C-body stopped with Stainless Steel Brakes' rear disc conversion
Our parts arrived quickly, and we were impressed with their quality. Our kit consisted of two 10.5-inch vented rotors, two cast-iron calipers with single 45mm pistons and built-in parking brake, dust shields, brake lines, adjustable proportioning valve, and all the hardware required to complete the installation... The new rear discs offer several advantages over the factory drum units. Of course, the biggest advantage disc brakes have over drums is greater stopping power. Even the modest 10.5-inch rotors and fairly small 45mm pistons in the calipers provided with our kit provide far greater stopping power than the 11x2.5-inch drum units they are replacing. The resulting reduced stopping distance, especially in a loaded vehicle, will definitely be noticeable... Stainless Steel Brakes continues its dedication to providing true bolt-in brake upgrade kits that are second to none in fit, finish, and performance. We're impressed with the products, and when this project gets back on the road, we're sure we'll be impressed with the performance as well ... Click here for the rest of the article