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A Binding Proposition

Magazine: Mopar Muscle (February 2007)
SSBC product: Standard front drum to disc brake kit A153

Econo disc brakes the right way
Stopping a car is overrated, right? I mean, all we need to care about is making our cars go faster... When the average speed in the U.S. during the early- to mid-'60s was approximately 35 mph, it may have been sufficient. Now, however, the inadequacy of the early braking systems is downright scary during freeway jaunts in traffic or busy downtown areas... Sure, you can go to a salvage yard or swap meet and hope to find all the parts necessary, but... Sometimes, all you really end up with is a pair of expensive spindles because everything else is only usable as a core... The owner of our test car is more than happy she no longer needs to plan to stop a mile in advance. She also knows the car will go straight when she hits the pedal instead of violently darting to the right. All-in-all, a good investment of money and a day's work ... Click here for the rest of the article