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Magazine: Chevy High Performance (July 2004)
SSBC product: Front Quick Change kit and rear drum to disc brake conversion kit

Our Project Z28 Has No Go but Plenty of Whoa.
It's always been my opinion that a car capable of going real fast should also be able to stop real fast. In fact, I even tend to give stopping power priority over all-out horsepower. It's quite simple, really. On the one hand, it's a safety factor. On the other hand, a stout braking system is a major part of a balanced musclecar--ideally, each system in a well-built car should be up to the performance level of every other system. So, in my book, all engine and no brakes is a bad thing... To that end, we gave Stainless Steel Brakes (SSBC) a call, and were able to get just what we needed. Up front, we went with SSBC's Quick Change aluminum caliper upgrade kits. The Quick Change kit for our Z28 comes with a pair of Force 10 Super Twin two-piston calipers, which we ordered powdercoated in CHP red. The aluminum calipers are fitted with corrosion-free stainless steel pistons, and are also lighter than the factory pieces, thus reducing unsprung weight a tad. Most importantly, the Super Twin calipers provide a claimed 30 percent more clamping power than the OEM binders ... Click here for the rest of the article