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SSBC brake article magazine cover

Magazine: Car Craft (September 2003)
SSBC product: Force 10 Classic 4-piston disc brake kit A120-2

If we'd had SSBC's Super Duty disc-brake system installed on our Falcon two years ago, this would never have happened.
For years, car magazines, including this one, have waxed on about the importance of updating older manual-drum-brake cars to the stopping power of modern disc brakes. We often publish dramatic before-and-after 60-0-mph stopping tests comparing the performance of the trick new brakes to the weak stockers, and we urge you to consider stopping power to be as critical to your car's performance as acceleration power. This time we don't need any braking data to illustrate the dramatic effects of disc brakes. One look at the picture of our '65 Ford Falcon Sprint sitting atop a rollback with a crunched front end should tell you the problem with manual drums. This unfortunate incident occurred about two years ago in stop-and-go traffic in Carson City, Nevada, during Car Craft's annual West Coast Road Trip, and to make matters worse, we plowed into the back of a reader's mint '65 Plymouth Satellite.