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What's Stopping You?

Magazine: Hot Rod (June 2000)
SSBC product: Standard front drum to disc brake conversion kit A154 and standard rear drum to disc brake conversion kit A155

Stainless Brakes for Your C-Body Mopar
Can you imagine a panic-stop in a 4,100-pound, four-wheel-drum Mopar C-body from highway speeds? Better hope your insurance is paid up. Mother Mopar was among the last of the car companies to realize that disc brakes should be standard equipment; as a result, bum brakes make plenty of potent machinery all the scarier... As measured with the G-Tech meter, our "before" 60-0 distance was a miserable 230 feet (we later discovered heat-cracked shoes on the year-old brake job). Additionally, it acted like a dancer at your favorite go-go bar: butt up and shakin' it side to side... also, watch out for skid marks. The rears locked up if you so much as considered applying the pedal. To be fair, our numbers reflected the second hard consecutive stop for the stock 11x3 drums, but this simply illustrates a point about their repeatability, or lack thereof. With Stainless Steel's four-wheel disc system in place, our Fury stops cold in 135 feet flat, and will repeat those numbers all day long. That's five and a half car-lengths' improvement--assuming a car-length of the C-body's 18-foot size. Furthermore, the rear discs help apply more clamping force to the rear of the car, helping to minimize brake dive.