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Magazine: Chevy High Performance (November 2004)
SSBC product: Force 10 Tri-Power Disc Brake Kit

Dan DeKruger Answered With a Very Trick '72 Chevelle
They say that opportunity only knocks once, which is just fine with Dan DeKruger, given that he's not the type to wait around for a second rap at the door. This readiness to act has paid off: Once, 11 years ago, when DeKruger made the right moves at the right time to get his hands on a nice '72 Chevelle, and just recently, as he jumped at the chance to transform his faithful A-body into a unique, modernized machine in the Pro Touring mold. . . The knock came when DeKruger got the chance to obtain a complete 5.3L powerplant from an '02 GMC Yukon that had seen better days. He also had access to the harness and computers, along with just about anything else he wanted--and the price was right. "After messing with my '97 Firebird," he told us, "the chance to go high-tech appealed to me." Not that he jumped blindly; DeKruger did his research ... Click here for the rest of the article