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Goes Fast; Stops Harder

Magazine: Custom Classic Trucks (August 2006)
SSBC product: Front Force 10 Tri-Power and Rear Force 10 Sport R1 kit

We know the powerplant that's going to propel the 28th F-100 Supernationals giveaway '56 F-100. Considering the engine will make prodigious horsepower and torque, high-performance disc brakes and a stout Ford 9-inch rearend are essential. Realizing this, No Limit's fearless leader, Rob MacGregor, contacted the folks at Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation in Clarence, New York, and Currie Enterprises in Anaheim, California. Both companies were happy to collaborate on the build of the giveaway F-100 and contribute their awesome components to the cause... Rob was amazed at how well constructed the Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation front and rear disc brakes were and how easy it was to install them ... Click here for the rest of the article