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Magazine: Chevy Classics (from the editors of Super Chevy) (September 2007)
SSBC product: Front Force 10 Tri-Power kit A148-34; rear Force 10 kit A111-30

Roadster Shop and CARS Inc. build a '57 for our Armed Forces
Over the past few months, the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces have had an opportunity to visit the website, www.projectamericanheroes.org, and vote for one of the seven renderings posted. All seven renderings were very cool, but as of this writing, the voting is over, and the Blue car has emerged victorious. Progress will be continually updated on the website. The site also gives visitors the opportunity to contribute online to the Armed Forces Foundation. Please consider supporting our troops by donating. Now let's talk hardware. Put simply, this 1957 Chevy features the finest parts on the market... SSBC disc brakes front and rear are now found at all four corners ... Click here for the rest of the article