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Magazine: Chevelle Winter 2004 (from Super Chevy) (December 2003)
SSBC product: FX2 Front and Rear Drum to Disc Conversion Kits

60-0 stopping distance with drum brakes: 241 ft. 60-0 stopping distance with FX2 disc brakes: 155 ft.
We took our '64 out to Fontana's California Speedway for a bit of Road Rage performance testing only to find out that our Malibu stopped from 60-0 in a disappointing 241 feet. Just for a bit of comparison, a stock '02 Z28 Camaro takes 129 feet to come to a stop from 60... The SSBC conversion isn't a one-day deal, but it doesn't require a degree in brake technology either. Take your time, be thorough and if your results are anything like ours you'll have your 60-0s down to 155 feet in no time.