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Tom Flessner '71 Plymouth Fury

Magazine: Hot Rod (November 2001)
SSBC product: Standard front drum to disc brake conversion kit A154 and standard rear drum to disc brake conversion kit A155

Q&A With The Owner
What was the single best improvement you made to this car and why was it the best? Hands down, the brake upgrade. The four-wheel 11-inch drums it came with were probably great in 1971, but it was the stuff nightmares are made from when commuting here in SoCal. White knuckles would be an understatement. I tried everything: new drums, linings, springs, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, and I almost put it under a dump truck on the 55 freeway one morning. I came home, called Stainless Steel Brakes, and ordered a four-wheel-disc conversion. The four-wheel discs changed how I drive it; my life with the Fury changed from an episode of Fear Factor to honking along at 70 or so and getting on the brakes, finding myself stopped about 60 feet from what would have been under a truck. My dad always said that tires and brakes are all you’ve got when things get tough out on the road. Thanks, Dad.