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Magazine: Car Craft (July 2003)
SSBC product: Quick Change aluminum caliper upgrade kit

For the past five years, our sister magazine Chevy High Performance has conducted an invitation only 0-100-0 contest to test the acceleration and brake performance of a selected handful of readers' cars. The contestants gather at the dragstrip, and with help from Baer Inc., put their respective cars through the paces by making a regular quarter-mile blast and then standing on the brakes at the top end... This year, as CHP was making its preparation for the annual test, we thought it would be fun to enter our SuperNova project car. Frankly, we didn't expect much... Although the SuperNova's factory-style disc brakes are equipped with stock 11-inch rotors and SSBC SuperTwin aluminum replacement calipers with EBC Green Stuff high-performance pads, we expected the rest of the combination would prove to be a worst-case scenario. After all, conventional wisdom says a big-block-powered car with no front sway bar, 90/10 shocks, stock rear drums, and shod with skinny 165R15 Volkswagen tires on the front and full slicks on the rear should be a nightmare to stop. In fact, the first time we hit the brakes hard at 100-plus mph, we half expected the car to swap ends. But we, and the folks from CHP and Baer, couldn't have been more surprised when the car just hauled itself down with no drama. There was no trace of rear-wheel lockup, no flat-spotted tires, and our best 100-0 stopping distance of 418 feet combined with our 0-100 mph acceleration was good enough to finish Third overall in the competition, a mere 9 total feet behind a brand new Z06 Corvette! For the complete results of CHP's 0-100-0 Shootout, check out Chevy High's July '03 issue. ... Click here for the rest of the article