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Magazine: Camaro Performers (September 2005)
SSBC product: Rear Force 10 Sport R1 disc brake conversion kit

Bolt-In For First-And Second-Generation Cars
Despite the volumes written about the legendary prowess of ’60s musclecars, the words always seem to gloss over some serious engineering shortcomings of the era. Brake packages were often, in a word, terrifying. One good shot was the most you got, if you were lucky. After that, it was white-knuckle time when it came to stopping in a hurry—and that was with a powerplant kicking out factory horsepower. Brake fade was the name of the game. Add a cam, some carb, headers, and exhaust, and stopping becomes even more elusive. While drum brakes are great for stopping lumbering buses and dump trucks, they’re no good for gas-huffing musclecars. The good news is that it’s never been easier to upgrade your ’60s- or ’70s-era GM musclecar to a disc brake package. Stepping up to serious stopping power with disc brakes on all four corners is as easy as picking up the phone, calling Stainless Steel Brakes ... Click here for the rest of the article