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Magazine: Street Trucks (August 2007)
SSBC product: Quick Change kit A187-4

Installing the SSBC 2500 HD Quick Change Kit
The staff at StreetTrucks cannot count how many times we have seen heavy duty trucks from the big three lifted to the moon and pushing 40-inch-plus tires, while relying on stock brake systems to bring their truck and often an extra long and extra heavy trailer to a halt. Stock brake systems are designed and engineered to slow factory wheel and tire combinations, which are usually no more than 29-31 inches tall. Adding a larger wheel and wrapping it with a tire over 10 inches taller is going to add more rotating mass, and as the outside diameter of the wheel and tire combination gets further and further away from the hub, the stock brake system has to work harder to slow the wheel and tire package and the truck down. Add a boat or enclosed trailer with a dune buggy in it behind the truck and game over. Fortunately for those of you out there who fancy larger wheels and tires Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (SSBC) has a solution ... click here for the rest of the article