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SSBC brake article magazine cover

Magazine: Car Craft (April 2007)
SSBC product: Front disc brake kit A121

The original four-lug drum brakes on our Mustang had to go. So what did we do? Give Stainless Steel Brakes a call, that's what.
In the continuing saga of Car Craft's project Mustang, with all the new Global West Suspension components on the car, the next step in the resurrection of our grandma-abused '67 fell to new binders. The original four-lug drum brakes had to go, so we contacted Stainless Steel Brakes for a simple conversion kit that would allow us to use our existing six-cylinder spindle but install something a little more aggressive. What arrived in the mail a few days later was everything we needed to do the conversion... The hardest part of the entire swap was deciding where to place the adjustable proportioning valve and bending a line or two to make it all fit. The conversion took perhaps three hours to complete, and we didn’t even have to break out the flaring tool. It doesn't get much easier than this... This particular Stainless Steel Brakes (SSB) kit is similar to the factory disc system on ’67-’69 Mustangs. The critical components in the kit include the factory-style, four-piston caliper that mounts rigidly to the caliper bracket; an upgraded pair of slotted, zinc-washed rotors; and a cast-iron master cylinder. The kit also includes adapters for the rubber flex hoses so they bolt up to the existing hard lines. All the bolt-on hardware is included, as well a set of performance SSB pads ... Click here for the rest of the article