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SSBC Made in USAMore and more aftermarket brake manufacturers are cutting corners by going overseas for their products. With so many manufacturers turning to foreign suppliers to increase their profit, that leaves you with lower quality braking components and a lack of confidence in your vehicle’s ability to stop safely.

According to the US Department of Commerce and US International Trade Commission, over $1.2 billion in brake parts are imported to the US from China each year. In the first half of 2014, the value of imported Chinese brake products is up 21% over the first half of 2013.

SSBC American MachinesSSBC’s aluminum calipers are manufactured, tested and approved on-site here in the USA. We run our quality tests in our own R&D testing lab to make sure our products will outperform any foreign product. We’re dedicated to giving you the best in braking technology and shorter stopping distances, and we know from experience that the products we sell will do just that.

Browse our website, or give us a call and you’ll soon be able to tell how dedicated we are to giving you the best possible products and a smooth shopping experience.