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Vacuum Pump Will Not Run

Procedure will require 12 volt test light.

To check for power connect clamp to battery negative.

To check for ground connect clamp to battery positive.

1) Visually check all connections as per install instructions. If all appear good proceed to step #2.

2) Apply 12 volts to red wire on pump motor and ground black wire from pump motor.

3) Does pump run?

4) If NO replace pump.

5) If YES re-connect wires as stated in install instructions and go to step #6.

6) Turn on ignition so battery power is supplied to pump and relay. Check for 12 volts at red wire
on pump as well as terminal #2 on relay.

7) If 12 volts not present check in line fuse and switched power source and repair as needed.

8) Does pump run?

9) If NO remove single wire connection from top of vacuum switch (metal tee in line of vacuum
hose) and touch it to the base of the switch.

10) Does pump run?

11) If YES replace switch and re-test.

12) If NO check and repair ground circuit to switch housing. Retest after gaining ground to switch

13) Does pump run?

14) If NO check to make sure wire from switch to relay terminal #1 is not open. Check
connections at switch terminal as well as terminal #1 on relay. Repair as needed and re-test.

15) Does pump run?

16) If NO confirm wire from terminal #3 on relay has good ground. Repair as needed.

17) Does pump run?

18) If NO replace relay and re-test.