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Frequently Asked Questions

Vacuum Pump Will Not Shut Off

Test procedure will require use of vacuum gauge.

Before beginning this test procedure make sure vacuum brake booster is in good working order by following SSBC test procedure. Also check to confirm all vacuum hose connections are sealed tight and not leaking.

1)...read more »

Vacuum Pump Will Not Run

Procedure will require 12 volt test light.

To check for power connect clamp to battery negative.

To check for ground connect clamp to battery positive.

1) Visually check all connections as per install instructions. If all appear good...read more »

Vacuum Brake Booster Testing and Diagnosis

This procedure will require the use of a hand operated vacuum pump with a vacuum gauge. If you do not own one it can often be rented or borrowed from most “big box” parts stores. (Note: 18”HG is the minimum engine vacuum at idle in gear to effectively operate a vacuum booster

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Low or Soft Brake Pedal Diagnosis

Before beginning the following procedure check to make sure pedal free play is approximately ½” and air gap from booster pushrod to master cylinder piston is approximately .015”

1) Remove both brake lines from master cylinder. Install plugs in both ports of the master...read more »